Agent Testimonials

The combination of our exclusive quality team leads and support, along with the strength of RE/MAX Results makes this offer irresistible! 

“I would like to take this time to acknowledge and appreciate the training and support I have received from this program. The unique view of the ‘sales’ process empowers agents to position themselves accordingly from the very first lead encounter. The specific scripting provided enables agents to ‘be ready’ with direct answers to the typical customers response.

Support has always been available for consultation and one-on-one meetings; I sincerely appreciate the constructive criticism which has contributed toward my growth as an agent. I appreciate the coaching I’ve received on how to ‘control’ the flow of business; insight on when an agent can ‘dial-up’ the business by accepting/managing more leads and when/how to ‘dial-back’ when personal responsibilities need attention.

The life experiences shared and the wisdom gained from those experiences have served me both professionally and personally. I am a grateful participant in the lead program!!!”

“This training team has really helped me with pursuing my career in real estate. After getting into real estate, with little training and no network, I wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice. I haven’t quit many things in my life but it just wasn’t what I had expected. I was put into a team shortly after I started that caused me to continue questioning my decision. When I decided to do real estate, it was because my realtor was very easy going and not pushy at all, and I felt like that was something I meshed with. When I joined that team, their philosophy was bug everyone you ever talk to as the source to find clients. It wasn’t me. Being new to the area and having as few friends as I did, I didn’t want to drive them all away by only ever asking if they want to sell their house. I sincerely believe buying a home is most always in someone’s best interest, but I want them to decide that, not convince them they have to do it now. With that team we had to write down lists of everyone we’ve ever met, track down their linked in and see if they had any friends on their that they could introduce us to. I decided I wasn’t going to do something I wasn’t comfortable with, and left the team. Then I was introduced to a new strategy.

Starting up with all of this helped me a lot in knowing the best way to interact with homebuyers. It made me feel more like I was helping them rather than selling them, which is something that is really important to me. You start to understand people and how they go through their process. The lead system makes it a lot easier to live your normal life without constantly thinking about work. You don’t have to discuss real estate all day everyday with everyone you come in contact with. That has what has made this all worth it to me. It has helped me stay comfortable with myself and what I do, while still pushing me to do better. It has shown me that real estate is something that I CAN do, not just something I wanted to do.”

“Meeting Bob at an open house when I worked for Edina Realty was a life-changing event for me. I was struggling as a new agent relying on open houses and ‘farming’ communities to get clients, as was what Edina Realty taught. I farmed a development for nearly a year, consistently marketing to them…I had spent well over $1,000 dollars on this, but didn’t get a single inquiry. My manager suggested the farming just needed more time……but I didn’t have more time, I didn’t have any income, was using up my savings, and I certainly didn’t have more money to put towards another month’s worth of marketing materials for farming. At this point, I came to the realization that I could no longer work as a real estate agent, so I updated my resume, and began applying for other jobs. I was devastated because I wanted to succeed as an agent. I said a lot of prayers for God to point me in the right direction because I was truly torn with what to do. That was the weekend Bob walked into my Open House and shared with me what he is doing. When I switched over to RE/MAX and began getting leads from Bob, things turned around very quickly for me. The leads have truly been a life-saver for me. I can now focus on providing great customer service to my clients rather than finding clients and farming. There is never a shortage of leads and I am able to pick which ones work for me based on the area I want to travel to. While not all leads work out due to some already having an agent and other reasons, there are many of them that do and it is enough to keep me going with a very nice salary and building my business with referrals from people I wouldn’t have met without Bob’s referral system. There have been scripts created that work extremely well and provide the training needed to be successful; training I didn’t receive at Edina Realty as it was basically I was to learn as I went and go to Edina U for training which was basically the same thing I learned in the pre-licensing courses. So frustrating! Following the scripting has helped me become successful as an agent. It has been extremely helpful and supportive of my career as I am forever learning and I can interact with very seasoned agents who have oodles of information and strategies that they are more than willing to share to help me.”

“I have learned so much since joining this team. Prospecting is the least appealing part of being a realtor in my experience; however, with the leads we are given, that is no longer an issue for me. I have been able to move my business forward much more quickly and have gained some wonderful clients!

The scripting and support has also been incredibly effective for me when developing the leads. From making the initial contact, setting up the initial showing, conducting showings, securing a 2nd appointment, and obtaining a client resulting in a sale, the scripting and support is 2nd to none. The training and support has also helped me to streamline my approach, helped me bolster my confidence, and continues to help me realize my potential as a realtor. Joining this team was the best decision I made since becoming a realtor. All new agents should be so lucky to receive this kind of training and support!”

“Prior to meeting and working with this team, my sales and marketing attempts were inconsistent, but that has since changed. Every day we as agents are given the opportunity to work with new clients through the lead system. We have been given scripting which has been developed over many years and is highly effective when properly utilized.

After working with this system for over a year, I have found that it is more about helping agents improve their skills, rather than about receiving a paycheck from a transaction. This is evident in the time spent in group and individual meetings. The agents that support us truly care about our success and are willing to personally work with us.

Not only is Bob, the one heading the program, available for meetings, he and other agents are available by phone. They are great about quickly responding to any questions or concerns about transactions day or evening. I specifically remember a transaction when an issue came up and I had concerns about the seller’s disclosure for a buyer. I was tentative about calling for help because of the potential for the transaction to fall apart. The input and guidance I received lifted weight off my shoulders and protected me as an agent. That assistance empowered me to react and respond differently when things go wrong in a transaction.

Recently, I needed time to assist my aging parents so I was unable to take many leads. I was able to take the time I needed and come back when it was right for me. It truly helps us to have balance in our lives!

This year will be my most productive year in the business due to the leads, scripting and mentoring I’ve received from this program. During the past year and a half, I have received referrals from the leads and sold a home that a lead purchased and decided to sell in less than a year. Working with this program has all the positive aspects of a team without the negatives. It is meant for you to build your business (not the team name) and is there for you if it is your personal sale or a lead. We don’t have to market on our own again. Try to find another agent or team in this business who does that. I don’t believe you can.

My father was a successful businessman who worked hard, had time for family, had integrity, was honest and fair, knew his business very well, and wanted to make things better for the people in his personal and business life. Bob Elliot reminds me of my father. If you are given the opportunity to work with this program, you will not only be a successful agent with a balanced life; you will be a better person.”