Bo Hochhalter

I now have a strong base for my business to grow!

I had never thought about a career in Real Estate until one day our current Realtor simply asked if my wife and I were interested in it. The more I explored the idea, the more I thought it could be a great fit for me. Six months into my Real Estate career I happened upon Bob’s team through one of its members at an open house. She got me in touch with Bob and after our first meeting I was sure I wanted to join what he had started.

One of the greatest benefits to our team is the level of support, training and resources available to us. These tools enabled me to elevate my business higher than I could have alone. I was floundering by myself, but after a short time with Bob’s Team I had unlearned my bad habits and replaced them with tools that would help me succeed. This year I have closed almost as many transactions as I had in my first year and a half. I did this by taking team provided leads, utilizing the scripting that was learned during my initial training, asking advice of experienced agents on the team who have already gone through these situations and by showing the confidence in my knowledge base from the numerous training opportunities we have weekly. All this combined has given me a strong base for my business to grow on.

To reach me:

Bo Hochhalter

(701) 590-1034