Brittany Baker

Real Estate was merely just a dream of mine for years before meeting Bob!

I had no idea what to expect before my interview, however, I left with even bigger dreams than I had walking in. Meeting Bob changed my life. During our interview, not only did he describe his success, but he proved it to me as well. He told me that he wanted to give me everything he knew, along with ongoing training, support, and encouragement – he has given me nothing short of that! He gave me the opportunity to be part of an incredible team where I’ve developed tight-knit relationships with my team members. This supportive environment has not only been a contributing factor to my success, but also my personal growth. Joining a team part of a well-known and well-liked company like RE/MAX Results has truly boosted the start of my career.

Not only did I not know where to begin in real estate, but once I got my license, I would have no idea what to do. I didn’t know hardly any family or friends looking to buy a house any time soon, and how would I be convincing that I was the best person to represent them with no experience? Bob has never asked me to hound my family and friends, or be that harassing sales person, instead, he provides leads, and continuous training sessions at least three times/week, on top of his open availability for questions. I attend nearly all training sessions and have never left without learning something new each time! I knew this was the right fit for me and had my first sale after only a week in the business! I was scared to change my career with all of the unknown factors and now I will never look back!

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Brittany Baker

(612) 806-6578