Faith Mauritz

I love interacting with people!

I decided to become a real Estate agent in 2017. I have a back round in sales and I love interacting with people . Joining the Minnesota Real Estate Services Team has allowed me to grow my business by providing me with the training and mentorship. Being new to Minnesota, my husband and I moved to the twin cities in 2014, I didn’t know anyone much less have a network of people. So working with a brokerage that wanted me to cold call all my friends and family as the only method to start my business wouldn’t work for me. I was fortunate enough to hear about RE/MAX Results and Bob Elliot. This was an amazing opportunity for me as a new agent and as a new resident of Minnesota. As a mother of 5 and a busy schedule I needed flexibility but also the opportunity to start my business strong. I was able to take part in leads and with all the preparation and training offered by the Minnesota Real Estate Services Team I was able to build a clientele and gain the confidence and trust in myself to needed to perform like an experienced agent and give my clients the knowledge and expertise THEY needed to make an informed decision about buying a home.

During my first year I have sold more homes that I could have ever imagined possible and have met wonderful people and formed many relationships all made possible by being backed and being associated with the well know name of RE/MAX Results while using the tools provided by Bob Elliot, and support from my fellow team members. The first impressions and relationships I have been able to form with my clients has allowed me to gather many referrals and guide them through a smooth process from showings to closings ending with happy home owners!

To reach me:

Faith Mauritz

(612) 442 2236