Team Roster

Today’s home buyer and seller are more knowledgeable and savvy in trading their money in exchange for your time and expertise.  So we are dedicated to our agents growth and development by offering extraordinary benefits to keep them on track and build success.

Whether you are building a new business, motivating an old one, or moving up the price point we have quality leads to charge or recharge your database.

We have a lower annual cap ($12,000) than our competition and a commission plan package that allows you to keep more of the money you earned.

Weekly Q & A meetings offer a great time to ask questions, learn from other team members, brainstorm to solve challenges   you may be facing or missing. During this time you can uncover hidden problems that may be interfering with your progress.

Our in-depth training takes you through previewing homes, offers, purchase agreements, forms, documents, pricing, negotiations, mortgage finance, and more.  Our mentoring supports you in sales, open houses, closings  plus. We introduce real life examples, develop industry critical thinking skills,  problem solving, and how to communicate with buyers and sellers.

We help keep you prepared. We know deep preparation can even the playing field even for newbies up against local experts. Readiness builds confidence and relationships that leads to success. Once you are prepared you can assess your clients needs and motivations appropriately and apply your strengths and personal touches to directly benefit them and your success.

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