John Sorenson

Minnesota Real Estate Services Team was an obvious choice for me!

Minnesota Real Estate Services Team and RE/MAX Results was an obvious choice for me, because of their high quality of real estate services and resources that promote positive agent growth and client satisfaction. Our focus is not limited to just financial successes. As appropriate and necessary, we pay attention and adapt to changing market conditions and trends so we can contribute to our local industry and community.

There is no industry as individualized as real estate, but there are certain strengths that are common to successful real estate agents. The amount of leads I am offered daily keeps me independent and my business fresh. Our team client service strategies help me stay aligned with my all my clients and business, allowing me to continue to serve them well at the same time grow a healthy business.

What I’ve learned about the gift of leads and building a business is that every successful agent understands the speed to lead is important. It is critical that agents be prepared and available to call a lead in as close to real-time as possible and follow-up when the lead does not respond immediately.  A prospects time and questions are important and an agent never knows if these new contacts will turn into clients for life. Our systems and training support a successful proactive lead system and business.

My business is about relationships, so I maintain a consultative approach. My role isn’t just to find a house for my buyer or to sell a home for my seller, It’s not about just solving problems. While my daily and weekly time management skills help keep my week in order and running smoothly so I can offer updates, current market activity, and keep my clients informed with any changes throughout the process, the real heart of my business is about staying engaged and in-touch.

Beginner and experienced agents can compete in any market by mastering the qualities of top agents by implementing our proven systems, creating a personal business plan, developing strong communication skills, and nurturing relationships long after the transaction.  It takes preparedness and tenacity to keep going in any long-term business. The preservation of our team spirit and cooperation is essential to our clients and team members.

I am enthusiastic and grateful to the Twin Cities home buyers and sellers I serve, I actively network with leaders in the industry so I can personally provide my clients with resources, fresh local and neighborhood information, and market trends

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John Sorenson

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